Having a professionally-designed website and expert digital marketing campaign is paramount in order to establish an excellent online presence and reach the intended audience/customers. This is why choosing a reputable agency that can work effectively in both is so important. It is but the name of the business is at stake and thus, the hired digital marketing company should ensure clients get their money’s worth by achieving online marketing goal.

If your company belongs to the cosmetic and medical industry specializing in cosmetic surgery, you have come to the right place. Blackwood Industries has been the go-to digital marketing agency for plastic surgeons seeking help for their digital marketing campaign.

Here’s why Blackwood is the right company for plastic surgeons seeking to establish an effective online presence:

Expert in website development will local focus. The beauty of a website with local focus is this: hitting the target audience right at the target geo-location, which is essential for plastic surgeons. A website with local focus maximizes the effort and resources of a digital marketing campaign. Blackwood recognizes this fact; that is why its team has developed website templates specifically intended for clients who are targeting local audiences.

Offers comprehensive local SEO services. Our local SEO campaign package is comprehensive – from content development to citations to local directory listings, map and driving direction integrations. Since one area of our specialization is providing online marketing support for plastic surgeons, we have tailored our local seo program to the cosmetic/medical industry. For instance, we have built a list of local directories intended for clients that offer plastic / cosmetic surgery, ensuring the visibility to those prospects seeking such cosmetic services.

Run by individuals with decades of experience in the industry. Another reason why Blackwood is the right company for plastic surgeons is the experience of the team running the digital marketing company. Enthusiastic members headed by Michael Luevano, the president and CEO of Blackwood, have decades of combined experience serving clients in cosmetic /medical industry, specifically plastic surgeons who want to reach digitally a greater number of business prospects.

Has a wide network of resources for clients in the cosmetic/medical industry. Blackwood is also armed with a wide network of resources that can be readily used by clients in the said industry. One example of such resources are online templates/forms that can be given to prospective customers right away to fill up for initial assessment or a checklist that helps determine whether a particular surgical procedure is the right fit for a prospective customer.

Are you plastic surgeon looking for a digital marketing agency to help promote your business online? Come to Blackwood Industries today. You will be happy you did.

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