The business world is different today – only the best will survive and grow. As a business decision maker, you need the most skilled, experienced, trusted experts to help your business thrive.

Originally conceived as a way to help local businesses compete in their local markets, Blackwood Industries has expanded its services since we’re keenly aware of the evolving ways you can market your businesses online more efficiently and more effectively. We strive to provide our clients better service, similar to the principles of online marketing – there’s no need to recreate the wheel, just make it better. Our core philosophy surrounds the concept that if we harness the power of technology to its potential, we’ll best serve our clients.

Case Study – Brad Larsen

Since 1996, Brad Larsen Florals has been serving Pasadena, CA, one the biggest flower markets in the U.S. With its annual New Year’s Day Rose Bowl Parade, Pasadena is one of the single most competitive markets for flowers and roses.
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Our forward thinking approach provides you the tools to market with a unique position in the era of multimedia advertising. Existing on the Internet is not enough. Blackwood Industries’ local search engine optimization provides a presence with a purpose.

Key Features

  • Submit to Google’s most crawled directories.
  • Review, verify and update all directory links.
  • Excellent customer service; all queries get a response within 24 hours.
  • Issue monthly keyword rankings & traffic reports.

Our research shows that past and current search engine user behaviors are the best indication of future actions. Which is why we believe it’s critical to hire a marketing company that understands and utilizes the concepts of customer retention through observable decision-influencing patterns; especially considering that online marketing often comes down to actionable decisions – such as picking up the phone or clicking through to a website.

Presence and Placement.

You need a strong, reliable presence online; whether that means having your own website or simply understanding how to maintain a presence through consistent online marketing and networking techniques. If you can’t do it, please call a professional to help. This will be vital to the long-term survival of any business.

Beyond the presence, your business needs to achieve placement at the top of the list for search results. Research continues to confirm that only 3% of searchers will browse beyond the first page. If your business is not on the first page for search results, for someone who doesn’t already know your web address, it’s like you’re not even on the internet.

When you decide to partner with Blackwood Industries, we offer the following advantages:

  • Google First Page Exposure
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Local Business Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Consultation
  • Website Design
  • Website Optimization/Analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Research and Analysis

Each day your business is not online, you’re losing market share to your competition, because the competition is already there. We welcome the opportunity to review your business’ specific needs and provide you with a complimentary written analysis.

Want More? Contact Blackwood today & find out how we can “Put Your Business on the Map!”