Web Design Services & Persuasive Conversion Architecture

Does this conversation sound familiar?

Business Owner:  “My Company needs a website that will get results, increase sales & grow our business…”

Web Company:  “No Problem. We are the Company Website Experts. We can design, build & have your new website live online in 2-3 weeksAll we need is your website address & your logo.”

Wait a Second… Really?! That’s ALL a Web Company Needs?!

Business Owner:  “Let me get this straight… You’re telling me that the only thing you need to “know about My Company, in order to deliver an online tool that will “increase sales & grow our business “, is the www & logo?…. How does that work?”

Developing your website, without knowing your unique business, is like designing a tool, without knowing its unique purpose. It doesn’t work!

The goals, experiences, objectives & desires,…dare we say the Soul of your Business… must be understood by all parties, before an effective strategy can be defined & a results-driven project can begin. This step is critical to Youroverall project success, because it provides us with:

  • YourMission Statement & Value Proposition(s)
  • YourPast, Present & Future Business Objectives
  • YourUnique Product & Service Offerings
  • YourCompetitive Landscape & Target Market
  • YourFarming Area, Local Focus and Drive Markets
  • YourHonors, Accreditations & Trust Building Collateral

Question: Do you know your business?
Answer: Of course you do! Knowing your business is a must!

It’s difficult to run an effective & profitable business without this knowledge…BUT… what if we told you that knowing your clients, customers & target market can be more important than knowing your actual business…?

Quick Example: Let’s say you produce & sell the most effective joint pain reliever on the market. You choose to brand your product/website by putting pictures of young & healthy 20-30 year-olds all over your marketing materials. Everything looks amazing, the level of design is fabulous, and you have all of the right “calls to action” in place.

Now you’re wondering… why am I not selling more products?! Well, knowing that 75% of your current customers are 55-75 year-olds, and your product helps them live more active senior lives, would have been helpful in the beginning… don’t you think?!

Your customers need to be spoken to… not AT!

Your clients’ needs should be your first priority and your online & offline marketing materials should cater to those needs. Target Market Research will not only tell you who your potential client is, but it will also tell you if your website should be graphic intensive or text heavy, sales driven or educational, and interactive or static.

Know your client… Grow your business

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