Jeffrey Lyons, Office Pride Las Vegas


I am Jeff and I own a commercial cleaning company in Las Vegas. I would like to say thank you to everyone at Blackwood Industries for there excellence. They have delivered exactly what they said they would and have met every deadline. They have answered and responded back to every phone calls or email in a timely matter. My website is on the first page in four months when we actually thought it would take six months. By getting there quicker has helped mu business grow faster with profitable results. The website is clean looking, easy to navigate through and has a more professional look than others. I appreciate everything Blackwood Industries has done for my business and I think everyone

Rodney Lie, Office Pride Denver


In today's world, when companies are looking for a new janitorial service, they no longer go to the yellow pages, they go online. Having a strong online presence is essential today to help build your brand, strengthen your reputation, and grow your business. Since I have started working with Blackwood Industries, they have done just that for my business... I am excited to continue working with Blackwood and taking advantage of their expertise, their ongoing training and their

Lee Weeks, Office Pride Huntsville


Blackwood does an amazing job of ensuring my business stays relevant by keeping me at the top of the search just under the paid ads. The team is great to work with and quick to respond to our needs as well. If i has to choose one thing to spend my marketing dollars on it without hesitation be Blackwood.

Diana Hart, Office Pride Jackson


The tea Blackwood Industries has done an amazing job for Office Pride of Jackson. Because of Blackwood Industries, OP Jackson has increased sales and is well known due to Facebook, google reviews and website!

Gary Chandler, Office Pride Frederick


2015 was another good growth year for us. Looking back a majority of our new business came from the strategic internet marketing Blackwood does for us. I can directly attribute $7563.67 per month of additional reoccurring billing.Average size of the new accounts are $840.00 pre month. I want to thank you and your team for the valuable work that Blackwood does.

Valerie Jones, Office Pride Virginia Beach


We could not do without our Blackwood SEO website. It has fundamentally changes the way we acquire customers. This year alone we closed $158,000 annually with over 90% reoccuring contracts off our one website i Virginia Beach... A Blackwood SEO is a must if you want to grow and adapt to the way customers are buying

Jack Meyer, Office Pride Colorado Springs


Blackwood was incredible to work with. They provide me with a customizes web site, a company Facebook Page, a Yelp account and a Twitter account. They have work hard to update conetnt regularly on the website and especially on the Facebook page. They have provided me with information on what it takes to get my web page to stay on that first page. They have done everything that they can do without being in the local market. All they asked of me is to find satisfied customers who might provide a review for my company. Within about 8 months, Blackwood had my company web page on the first page of Google search. Today my page is #2 in the Google search for 'janitorial services Colorado Springs.' The result of this is that I now recieve 2 - 3 phone calls or emails per week from people who have found me on the web site. Some are small jobs some are larger jobs. Prospective customers consistently tell me