Social Media Signals Matter For Better SEO Results

Social Media Signals Matter For Better SEO Results

While search engines like Google do not consider social media signals as a ranking factor, pieces of evidence have shown that they do contribute a lot to better SEO. So, if you are running a local business wanting to start your digital marketing campaign, it makes sense to include a social media campaign to your overall digital marketing efforts.

Here’s why social media signals matter for better SEO results:

Social media profiles get indexed. When you try to search for a brand that you like, chances are that the search results show not just a website, but the company’s social media profile as well. The reason is that social media profiles are indexable. And they tend to rank well in the search results. It should be noted as well that complete social profiles tend to rank better than the incomplete ones. So, if you are publishing your company’s social media profile, make sure the content is accurate and complete.

Content shared on social media get indexed. This is another reason for SEOs to celebrate about. Yes, you read it right. Notes, post snippets, images, videos, among other content do get indexed on search engines. If you are an SEO, you should take advantage of this by incorporating your target keywords to be able to optimize the content you share on social media for search engine visibility.

Social media can help build authority/brand for your site. As your content and social media profile become more visible in search, you are already building authority with your prospects. In addition to that, your branding campaign gets a boost as more and more people can see not only your brand name but the products/services you are offering as well.

Social media involves real people. Search engines tend to index newly-posted content more easily. Whatever update you share on your social media feeds, expect that they are indexed in almost no time. Social media are also perceived to be owned by real people – customers can reach them immediately – so search engines tend to index them as their goal is to best serve the people with relevant and current information.

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