Small Business Marketing In Riverside, CA – SEO Amidst The Emergence Of AI-Generated Content

Our small business marketing in Riverside, CA, relies heavily on organic campaign strategies to boost brand awareness, which is a key to improving the bottom line. That is because, despite the ever-changing SEO landscape, numbers don’t lie that content remains king.

Under the SEO umbrella, we have a copywriting strategy wherein our SEO team writes content helpful to the target audience and helps increase the visibility of clients’ businesses on search results.

However, with the continued advancement in internet technologies, there is now an emerging market trend called AI (artificial intelligence) copywriting. Yes, machines or programs are now writing content that matches what a human writer can produce. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more well-known companies are using AI for their content ( although human editors still review such content).

The ethics of AI copywriting

The current trend in copywriting raises questions from the SEO community; they are interested in the ethics of AI copywriting relative to how search engines like Google perceive them. What are the implications of machine-generated content? Is there any guideline that helps SEOs to stay on track? Should strategies for small business marketing in Riverside, CA, incorporate AI-generated content into the campaign? Will SEOs be penalized by search engines for using such content? These are some critical questions that need answering.

Google’s take on AI-generated content

Fortunately, Google did give enlightenment on the question of whether to use AI-generated content or not. The tech giant’s Danny Sullivan’s response to this was: “content created primarily for search engine rankings, however it is done, is against our guidelines.” But, “if [the] content is helpful & created for people first, that is not an issue,” he added.


Therefore, the content you use for your small business marketing campaign – however you write it – should not be an issue if written primarily for people. Whether it is AI-generated or done by your team, it should be fine if it is mainly for your intended audience.

Again, make your content with people/target audience in mind – not writing for search engines.

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