Small Business Marketing in La Jolla, CA

Small business marketing in La Jolla, CA, was a challenging endeavor several years ago. It was expensive and not easily accessible to many companies. However, with the widespread availability of Internet technologies, things have improved for small business marketing, leveling the playing field.

Small business marketing today is not just inexpensive; it is accessible right at your fingertips. Through digital marketing, every business, big or small, can get ahead and stay ahead of its competition.

There are plenty of online marketing strategies that a small business can consider implementing. However, you can categorize them into two major components: SEO and SEM. The first stands for search engine optimization (driving organic traffic to your business website from search); the latter is SEM or search engine marketing, which pertains to paid advertising.

The question now becomes: which between SEO and SEM to consider first? If you are a business owner with a tight budget for a digital marketing campaign, you may consider doing SEO first.

Here are some strategies that comprise an SEO campaign:

  • On-page optimization (optimizing website content for search)
  • Off-page optimization (reaching out to online communities, building backlinks for your website)
  • Social media campaign (social media strategies to reach out to prospects who may convert into paying customers)
  • Local optimization (a subunit of off-page optimization that focuses the SEO effort for local search)

With search engine marketing, a small business owner can try pay-per-click advertising, such as Google’s advertising platform Google AdWords and Facebook advertising program. These PPC programs are scalable and easy to measure.

There are plenty of other small business online marketing strategies that you can try, but for the time being, start with the basics.

Working with a digital agency

To work with a digital marketing agency such as Blackwood Industries can be one of the best decisions you can make for your online marketing campaign. Digital marketing has teams working in their field of specialization with proven strategies.

Are you looking for a reputable digital marketing agency to help with your small business marketing in La Jolla, CA? Look no further than the Blackwood team. Call us today at (858) 605-2806 for inquiries.

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