SEO Services, San Diego, CA

SEO Services, San Diego, CA

How to attract more customers by optimizing your website for search)

Try to search your brand on Google today – is it visible on the first page? If not, you are missing a lot of opportunities.

Here’s why…

Majority of customers who are looking for a product or service online through search engines tend to scan up to the third page of the search results only (or up to the 5th page, if a user is more diligent). If your page or site ranks lower than that, you miss a big chunk of your market, most especially these days that about 80% of prospects come to visit a website via search.

The good news is, you can improve your ranking on search results for your brand or for specific key terms you are targeting through search engine optimization. Here’s when SEO services, San Diego, CA, come into play.

If your business is located in the San Diego area, Blackwood Industries can help you in your SEO campaign. The goal is to put your brand on the first page after search, making your business more visible to customers who could be looking for your product or service.

Depending on the result of assessment, SEO strategies for your website could include:

  • Research for relevant keywords that can be incorporated to your page content, making it more targeted to your market.
  • Improving site navigations (including internal links) so that your pages become a lot easier to crawl by search engine spider and become user-friendly.
  • Optimizing images (most especially for e-commerce websites) so that they are easier to load, easier to crawl, and become more compelling for customers to take action (i.e. buy)
  • Adding your business profile to top citations and business directory listings, making your business more visible not just on global but local search as well (this is very important most especially if your product is targeted to specific geo-market)
  • Improving social signals that could help for your SEO effort (reaching out to social media platforms where your market segment could be found).
  • Improving the call to action elements found on your landing page or webpage in order to increase the number of leads, which eventually could convert into paying customers.
  • Improving the meta information (title tag, meta description) for each of the pages you have in your site, particularly the most important pages of your site,
  • Re-assessment of your analytics tools; making it sure that all of the needed analytics tools are installed correctly, so that you get the most appropriate data of your website’s performance.

All of the strategies above are covered with the SEO services, San Diego, CA, provided by Blackwood Industries – trusted by many local businesses in the county and its surrounding areas for more than a decade now.

Call us today for SEO service inquiries at (858) 605-2806.

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