SEO Marketing, San Diego – 3 Strategies You Might Have Overlooked Implementing

SEO marketing is essential for your business during COVID-19

SEO Marketing, San Diego – 3 Strategies You Might Have Overlooked Implementing

If you are reading this, then the chances are that you are looking for SEO marketing strategies that can further promote your local business in San Diego. You have come to the right page because, in this post, we are sharing some easy yet effective SEO practices – things that you might have overlooked to implement on your business website.

SEO marketing, San Diego, does not need to be that complicated. You will realize that a little tweak in your title tag or meta description can help propel your pages to the top of the search engine results page, increasing your business presence. But there are some other SEO marketing strategies that you may want to consider implementing as well to boost your business presence online. These include the following:

Incorporating structured data

In essence, structured data are content formatted in a way that all related information is treated as part of a whole. Thus, they are displayed together as one single entity in one area in search results. When you use structured data, you provide explicit clues about the meaning of the page to search engines. Some information that can be structured are products, reviews, personal information or bio, FAQs, recipes, etc.

There are several structured data formats available, and using any of them would be fine. However, Google explicitly recommends JSON-LD.

Adding breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are functions for easy navigations – albeit secondary to the main menu – shown as active links. They indicate the hierarchy of pages. They provide a simple way for you to figure out where you currently are on as you go deeper into subpages. You can see breadcrumbs usually at the header section of a page, just below the main menu.

Why are breadcrumbs essential? Again, because they provide for ease of navigation. The easier your site to navigate, the happier the user, and the less likely they are to click away, which helps improve conversions in the end.

Content syndication

Syndicating content is a strategy that republishes your copy onto third-party sites, including PR sites. With this approach, you are expanding your prospect reach. At the same time, they can potentially provide link equity to your site.

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