Session 1

Social Business: Google+ for SEM | 2-17-14

“Doing Business in the Digital Age through Social Networking/Social Media”

Month 1: Google+ Test Drive

The Social Network of Google = Google+ Some interesting statistics: It’s here to stay and growing significantly. The time it took to reach 10 million users:

  • Facebook 853 Days
  • Twitter 780 Days
  • Google+ only 16 Days!

The name of the game is Search and Social and What Google is all about

Step 1: Download and Familiarize yourself with Google Chrome WebBrowser

Why? It’s quicker, more powerful and recommend for use with any Google products. It can get you ahead of the game so familiarize.

Google Search and the Social Graph = The way Google targets your social properties (Google+, your gmail, youtube, etc.)

Goals of Google+ Month 1:

  1. Familiarize with searches logged in and logged out
  2. Learn about how and why your social signal impacts your results

Step 2: Search for ‘your business name’ while logged out of your Google account and then log in and see how the search comes up different when you are logged in. Example search: credit card processing san diego

Important Note: The search results change when you update your status across social networks it now gives you more social signal and you will find that social is driving google rank. Utilize more of your social networks and watch the ranks rise.

Step 3: Once you have your Google Account set up, be sure to set up your Google+ Profile

  • Log into gmail and click + sign on top left
  • Go to Create Profile and update with image and professional/personal details. This needs to be created before you can generate your company page.
  • Go to Pages and Create a company page. Fill out necessary details to complete your business page.

Remember: Facebook and Google are competitors, so your Google profile may outrank your facebook page on google search very quickly. The good news about this is that it will give you multiple listings on Google.

Google+ Circles: One popular thing about Google+ is the circles.

  • You can categorize and organize connections based on relevance, i.e. friends, business contacts, family, etc.
  • You can follow companies and brands to see how they are doing it. Try a search in google+ for a big brand such as FORD.

Step 4: Look up some Facebook pages in comparison to Google+ company pages and you will see big brands have a larger presence on Google+ than Facebook even though it hasn’t been around nearly as long.

Filter the Noise. With Google+ You can choose the channels you want to follow within circles, you can tune in, filter information and digest it easier.

Thousands of free products across Google are there to help you. Google makes money through ad placements and generates products for marketers and businesses to keep the search traffic high.

Moral of the Story: Be sure to utilize the free offerings across Google!

Keep an eye on competitors on Google+. This is a different search than Google search. Similar to facebook search it is housed within the Google+ program

FREE Marketing Tool for Month 1: Klout

Visit: for more info and to sign up for a free account
Klout is a marketing score based on your social graph. It breaks down your social value or score based on the social networks you use. This tool shows you how all the social networks work together comprehensively in a rating system that impacts search.

To increase your klout score on Google+:

  • Build social connections
  • Grow your community
  • Create content and links
  • Share information and engage with circles

The top social networks in 2014: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

Social Media Networks are the new basis of SEO as it is now driven by social signals.

  • Google+ is the new pillar and is changing the social game!
  • +1 the statuses and posts which is the equivalent of the Facebook “Like”
  • Reviews will also soon be tied to your profile, just like Youtube is now connected to your Google account, your cell phone contacts

Month 2 Preview:

Once your company page is created, do a search for your competitor and you can search People in their circles. Anyone you add will receive a notice that you are following them and get you on their radar. Similar to Twitter, this allows you to capture interest of the competitor’s customers and get on the radar.

For Ultimate Social Business, Remember Justin’s 7 C’s to Social Media Success

  • Community – Build your business visibility and community. Utilize strategic tagging, Invite friends and connections, reach out to key influencers and local businesses
  • Context – Be relevant, tie in local news or events, posts that are timely and trend worthy
  • Communication – In a new environment and setting. Give shout outs to existing or prospective customers – everyone loves recognition and it will draw them in
  • Content – This creates Link Juice – Images, relevant news, political issues, etc.
  • Consistency – Posting frequency and time zones. Stick to a schedule as consistency pays off!
  • Conversion – Follow above techniques, tools, strategies and you will gain Visibility, efforts will land you Credibility and the result will be Profitability!

SEM’s Google+ Introduction 101