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Twitter Sessions

SEM Month 1 - Twitter 101 for Social Business

Social Marketing Simplified – 4 Easy Steps:

  1. You are going to a party (TW,FB,LI, Shake Hands virtually)
  2. You build relationships (Help others, givers gain, pay it forward)
  3. You offer something of value/insight/advice/tips (or to visit your home – which is your website or blog)
  4. Potentially do business together/refer you

"It’s not net-sit, not net-eat, its net-WORK!"

Breakdown of the Internet: Twitter is a Microblog: Posts are Limited to 140-160 Characters. It works as an ecosystem of the web. Similar to Facebook as a platform, Twitter is it’s own social network based on the short feed/mini blog (Most Important Channel for Content).

Twitter – The Basic Premise:

1. Justin’s Story – Embraced the power of Twitter with a Veteran organization targeting the sale of 50 tickets for a special event. Used Twitter as a promotion tool for the event and successfully sold out of the event! Supporters and anyone who got wind of the “tiny communications” using industry keywords allowed the reach to become vast and hundreds of people shared the content, and helped indirectly to sell out the event. 2. Twitter consists of Tiny Communications with current or potential customers Timeline of the Digital Business Era
  • 20 years Ago: Email changed the business landscape forever
  • 10 years Ago: Instant Message Begins: IM (AOL/Yahoo/ICQ)
  • 5 Years Ago: Blogging and Internet Commerce changes with Online Search
  • Today: Social Media Takes the reigns (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, etc.)
3. Branding Decisions – A few of the Basics include Profile Importance, Keywords, Basic Language: “People don’t take interest until they know what you’re doing and they see how much you care.”
  • Twitter Handle: @OfficePride / @JohnSmith
    • It’s good to have at least 2 Accounts: Personal and Business
  • Keywords – include industry rich words and website url in the bio (i.e. Pro Dog Train – dog trainer, puppy training, dog obedience, etc)
  • Location – be sure you have your location listed in the profile field (this helps local search)
  • Posts – public information vs. direct message
    • Rule of thumb - posts are always public so anyone can see it, unless you send a DM or direct message to a person
    • Public Tweets – Tag others in tweets, (mentions and hashtags to come later) to get more visibility and engagement, interactions (can target keywords and share posts with the world)
    • Direct Message (DM or private Tweet) – you can choose to send a DM to anyone that does not get posted publicly (i.e. thanking someone for following you – or something private)
  • Followers – Anyone can follow you at any time. This means they subscribe to your posts/updates or feeds. This number is unlimited and you have little control over it but you always want the followers to be greater than the following
  • Following – These are accounts you follow. Identical to how a blog works, It’s a good idea to build your following (Secret TIP: Follow your competition and your Competitor’s Followers!). Also look at those who tweet often and post a variety of content and those who engage/RT (retweet) often.
4. Real Power of Twitter – 80% Listening / 20% Posting

When It comes with “LISTENING” to conversations, look and review interactions, see what’s happening at the local level, use keywords about your business to determine what people are saying and reach out to them, or use their ‘problem’ to produce posts.

This can result is new customers, ongoing engagement, and people who care about your authority and they will help your visibility and WOM (word of mouth) online.

5. Power of Twitter as Business Tool: Pay it Forward
  • Basic Tech behind Twitter – Microblog – Keywords
  • Build Relationships – Quality is better than Quantity (Don’t Buy Followers!). Reach out to existing customers and family/friends first. Find who you already know then start adding more. Tap into prospective clients by searching e-mail address
  • Stay updated on Current News, helpful websites, competition, similar industry info, etc… KEY: This limits your research time so you can get things done faster.
  • Keep the 80/20 rule in mind here: Promote 80% worthy content and 20% Promotion (sales, etc. about your business)

REMEMBER THIS: “You’re more likely to gain a new customer when you are engaging them on their preferred network.” –Facebook, Twitter, Email, Phone, You name it!

Action Items for Month 1:

  • Locate your competitors on Twitter and follow them religiously – “ABR” Always Be Researching
  • Use Justin’s 1 Million $$ Tip: Go Follow your competitors Followers! Go to competitor, find their followers and follow them directly to build your community.
  • Be Passionate, build relationships, and NEVER sacrifice integrity
  • Demonstrate that your business is the BEST in the area by conversing with others and posting great content!
  • Success doesn’t happen overnight – and neither will your Twitter results. This is a new form of communication. Learn the language and MAXIMIZE your results!

Coming Next Month: Tips and Twitter Tools, as we Dive Deeper into the Ocean of Twitter! See Examples of Real Business Triumphs and Failures on the Recording. Visit your Blackwood portal for instant access to this month’s mastermind call and watch the video/view notes!

SEM Month 1 Twitter 101 for Business Training

Twitter 102 for Social Business: Month 2: 7-25-13

Month 1 in REVIEW: Twitter is Tiny Communications - think of it as a content friendly mini blog that helps drive traffic and generate interest in your business.

  • Twitter Handle: @OfficePride / @JohnSmith. Have at least 2 Accounts: Personal and Business
  • Keywords– include these and website url in the bio
  • Location – be sure you have your location listed
  • Posts – public information vs. direct message
    • Rule of thumb - posts are always public so anyone can see it, unless you send a DM or direct message to a person
    • Public Tweets – Tag others in tweets, (mentions and hashtags to come later) to get more visibility and engagement, interactions (can target keywords and share posts with the world)
    • Direct Message (DM or private Tweet) – you can choose to send a DM to anyone that does not get posted publicly (i.e. thanking someone for following you – or something private)
  • Followers – These are your subscribers. Anything you post will show up in their update window or news feeds.
  • Following – These are accounts you follow. Identical to how a blog works, It’s a good idea to build your following (and your competition). Also look at those who tweet often and post a variety of content and those who engage/RT (retweet) often.

Social Media NEWS for Month 2:

New Study: 2013 Ranking Factors show Social Media is Important for SEO (See video for more details).
Successful companies are those who have the highest rankings through the following areas:

  • Social Media - Most Important 7 of 10 factors in SEO ranking
    Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…
  • Backlinks – Blackwood is already doing this for your business
  • Technical – How your site and presence is configured
  • Content – What you post and where you put it

Now that you know the basics, Here’s How to get the Most from Twitter in Month 2...

1. Use the Directories: Get Your Business Found

  • Goodbye Yellow Pages Hello Twellow

    Twellow Profile – Basic way to authenticate with your existing Twitter Account. Use this to find out local influences in your area

    Take the following steps to add your business to the Twellow Directory

    1. Join the site at:
    2. Authenticate your business (verify email, etc)
    3. Select appropriate directory for your product/service
    After you join, familiarize yourself with the site and search around to see how it can work for you.
  • Add New Followers or Get New Leads

    Visit the site:
    Steps: Search the We Follow directory > Find People who Subscribe/Follow a particular person of interest > Search their list of followers > Start following some of them > These can be potential leads for your business *Secret Tip: Look up your competitors, they might have some of the best leads for your business!

2. Maximize your Twitter Visibility:

  • Hashtags: Tap into existing trends & conversations
    Just in case you don’t know – It’s a # with a word following (i.e. #hashtag)
    Use geographical area search to determine area of interest. You can change the area in question
    Two ways to search Hashtags based on what’s trending:
    • Check the Top Tweets or Sponsored Tweets for those who have higher social influence
    • Select All Tweets and filter through to see what is trending on your list
    • Use the Search box to see more #hashtags and familiarize with what people are talking about

    Try This at Home: Post a Tweet and include a Hashtag of your area #YourCity to start a conversation in your market.

  • Build Social Capital or Social Equity

    Get Your Klout Score: You can also use Klout social graph to find out who has social power and influence and tap into the right people who have high levels of social activity.
    See video for examples: Kim Kardashian and other heavy social influencers to see the real power.

    Did you know? Some Promoted Twitter Messages and Hashtags Cost Up to $100k by Big Companies!

  • The Real Power: Real Time Search with
    • Use the Search function on Twitter by entering the url
    • Type in your selection (i.e. Credit Card Processing) with the advanced search feature
    • View Results and Presto: You can see what your competitors are doing and find new leads!

    Remember: The Real Power in all this is Listening to Conversations Online...

3. Expand Your Reach with

The way your reach is measured is based on Exposure & Impressions Very Cost Effective Solution for Small Businesses to Leverage Social Media Tweet reach provides reports that allow you to see how you stack up!

BONUS: Become an advertiser on a site such as and pay a fee to have people promote your posts. This can save you Massive Cash and you won’t need to spend Thousands on campaigns…

Compare to Google Adsense with Paid Tweets
Visit these sites: or or (review Month 2 Video for more) Old Advertising Methods Cost Thousands = New Social Posting Methods can Save Big on Costs!

Key Reminder for this month: Stay Educated to Stay Relevant in the Social Landscape

Action Items for Month 2:

  • Join the Twellow directory and add your business profile
  • Familiarize yourself with wefollow, klout and tweetreach and advanced Twitter search functions
  • Find popular trends and hashtags and practice using them by posting content with #yourcity
  • Check out the alternative Paid Ad channels to promote your content and generate leads
  • Remember that V + C = P (Visibility + Credibility = Profitability) and practice this by growing your following, utilizing the free tools out there and sharing relevant and worthy content!

Coming Next Month: Twitter at it’s Finest: Best Marketing Tools, Practices and Generating Leads in Real Time!

SEM Month 2 Twitter 101 For Business Training

SEM Twitter 101 for Social Business: Month 3 - 8-29-13

3 Main Areas of Focus with Twitter in 2013:

  • Mobile
  • Local
  • Social

Celebrations and Google News!
Mobile responsive websites are key to rankings and SEO. Google just announced how important it is to be mobile friendly as it will drive Higher rankings and those who are not will Lose rankings.

Month 3: Using Twitter as a Holistic comprehensive approach to Social media

  • The Importance of Social Signals: They can play a huge difference in how your business is propogated in search results. It can make you stand out from the competition and dominate the airwaves

Real Time Case Study: Office Cleaning Charlotte North Carolina. This business is dominating the first page of Google and coming up strong in Google Local Rankings. Try looking it up and see what comes up on your screen.

  • Images and how they Affect Search. Search Engine options allow you to choose from Web – News – Images - Videos.. etc. when you are searching for something. By using alt tags on photos and videos you can rank much higher and get found easier on local search.

Great Marketing Tools and Automation Feeds: (Secret Weapons of Social)

  1. Twitter Feed: Pulls content automatically from blog and posts it to your Twitter Account. Amplify your efforts through Keyword Search and Social channels (i.e. Twitter) in real time by repurposing your blogs and other content.

    The Automatic Twitter Feed provides the following great benefits:

    • Time Saver: Save you a lot of time and effort
    • Traffic Generator Generates more traffic to your site (maximize impact of search and social)
    • Automatically builds a following for your account

    NOTE: You can automatically post blogs to your account through Twitterfeed! These can be your own blogs, or industry related articles that you subscribe to. Blackwood can set up the automation feature on your Twitter account and get you ready for more success!

  2. Hootsuite Social Platform – Can use this platform to post across multiple social networks. They have a free account or paid ($10 month average) that you can use if you want to add features like analytics, or monitor more than 5 social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wordpress, and more).

    This tool allows you to: Centralize and organize your social business efforts and streamline for better business efficiency. You can filter hashtags, monitor posts, engagement, schedule multiple messages across multiple networks, and you can set up postings in advance. It saves Time and Effort and helps you to access key influencers and create relationships (Retweets/Mentions).

  3. - Your Klout score is your social authority. It determines how well you will come up in search engines based on your social activities. How active you are, how social you are, how often you engage. It helps you identify influencers and can help you to become a Big Influence! This score is important as you will want to build your community around those people who have a high Klout (Social Authority) because they can take you far in the game.

    Remember: Klout score does Matter. Just like Google Rankings. It can give your business a huge boost. It is the future of SEO and Social Media.

  4. Another automatic feed site to help you Create your trusted influence Network, Share content and ideas, and Build your influence

Use Twitter Events to Get New Customers. Learn how to use 3 types of events to Get new Customers, tap into popular interests or conversations.

  1. Industry events.
    For businesses, industry events like trade shows, conferences and meetings in your local market are a perfect opportunity to talk in real time. Incorporate a hashtag specific to the event to join or influence the conversation.
  2. Seasonal events.
    Broaden your content to include holidays and seasonal events like Holiday celebrations, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, back to school, etc. These types of events naturally create spikes in conversation around shared experiences, which makes them relevant to just about any business’s content strategy on Twitter. Think about how you can participate in these conversations.
  3. Cultural events.
    Certain conversations always come along with recurring events. For example, there will always be sporting events, elections, or music awards shows and they will be talked about on Twitter. When events impact society on a global and national level, plan ahead for the conversation, then get in on it.

"Humans want to talk to humans, not banner ads."
– Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Business Entrepreneur & Online Marketing Genius

GOOGLE Rankings and SEO: Social Media Works!

ARTICLE: New Study shows the REAL Importance of Google Rankings and SEO
The impact of social networks - Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
Secret keys to your rankings are Content and Links

CONTENT: Repurpose content across all channels – It comes in many forms. Photos, Videos, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Blogs, Articles, etc… And the places you can post are also repurposed. Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, post photos and/or content on more than one network to boost your social signals, drive more traffic and get ranked higher on social levels and search (SEO).

Key Points for Month 3:

  • People need to see you 7 or 8 times to remember you. Twitter can help you with that. It’s called Real Time Branding. Keep putting yourself in front of them.
  • Remember the importance of a Public Tweet vs. Private Tweet (Direct Message)
  • Stay on the Leading Edge: Businesses need to be in more than one place at one time. Not like a machine gun. Take the sniper approach with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin. Connect with them through content, engagement and interactions and stay consistent. Your gradual efforts will pay off.
  • It's all about staying connected to conversations. Social Media can help your business gain an advantage in today’s marketplace. Learn how to use the language of social media and you’ll be ahead of the game.

The idea is to Build the Foundation, then lay the Groundwork. Then your business can grow organically.

Action Items for Month 3:

  • Find 3-5 local events in your community and use them to create content and engage
  • Use #Hashtags and @Mention key influencers or other businesses in your posts
  • Try repurposing a variety of content (photos, blogs, posts, videos) across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and see how the audience responds. Remember to Use Links with your content!
  • Remember that Direct Messages (DM) are the only posts that are Private on Twitter. Be careful when you post to ensure that your Posts are intended to be Public or Private (DM).
  • Log In to your Blackwood Account for Easy Access to all the Social Training Recorded Sessions. Invest at least 20% of your time marketing (engaging & interacting) on social channels as this is the future of business!
  • Learn the Language and Become Fluent! Let automatic feeds and marketing tools save you time and improve your results.
  • Set up automation with Twitterfeed (Call Blackwood) or Join Hootsuite and Klout to give your business a boost (Free Accounts) and save yourself time and effort in marketing across social media!

Twitter Month 3 Final Thought:

"Build relationships with local influencers in your market and you will see the power become more relevant with the Search and the Social." - Justin French

Coming Next Month: Get ready as we embark upon Linkedin 101 for Business!

See recorded video of Month 3 for statistics of CEOs on social media and view the channels they are on...
LinkedIn Sessions

LinkedIn 101 for Social Business: Office Pride Month 1 – 9-24-13

EXTRA EXTRA: Social Media News!
Twitter announced they are going public soon (IPO) so get ready for more ways to market with social media in the near future! Also remember that social networks can also be connected, such as cross promoting on Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more info on this in LinkedIn 101 for Business Month 2-3...

What Is LinkedIn?

  • The #2 largest social network and #1 Leading Online Business Community in the world!
  • Business-based social network used to connect with individuals and companies
  • Two Versions of LinkedIn: Free or Premium
    Start with the FREE or Basic Version – Once you are familiar and seeing results (contacts/leads) then consider moving to Paid/Premium Version (Premium works well for Jobseekers, Advanced Search, Contacting People outside your network, and more)

Month 1: Getting Started with LinkedIn and Your Business

First things first: Set up an account if you haven’t already. Connect with your existing network through your e-mail address book on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

Think of LinkedIn as a CRM Tool: Use it to manage your business contacts and leverage your connections
NOTE: The interface of LinkedIn does change frequently so don’t’ get too familiar with the layout

Get Started in a Few Easy Steps:

  1. Create an Account if you haven't already > Add existing connections through your email provider (We will discuss connecting your other social networks, synchronizing and status updates later...)
  2. Set Up Profile at top menu > Profile > Edit Profile
    • Create a Summary, Profile and Descriptions
    • Fill in Education, Certifications, other areas
    • Upload a catchy Professional Photo of yourself (Face/Mugshot)
    • Be sure to include keywords in your content/summary/description
    • Create a catchy Headline that reflects who you are and what you do
  3. Set Up a Company Profile for your Business Franchise (refer to video for exact instructions)
    • Make sure you complete all the details, logo, other photos
    • Include your Backlink (Website URL) and keywords in the company description
    • Have employees and other team members add your company to their profile (it will link back to you)

    Note: This page will be Indexed on Google once your company profile is created. This can add visibility and credibility to your business and help you get ranked through search engines.

  4. You are ready to begin using LinkedIn to Grow your community, Nurture Business relationships and Get some new Leads in the door!

    It's a Thin Line between Company and Personal Brand in today's business climate
    In other words = Your personal brand is your company's brand

    Endorsements: These are areas of expertise that Linkedin will seek out and place on your profile based on the keywords you include in your skillset. This makes it very easy to get endorsed in a non-obtrusive way!
    **Secret Tip: You will see LinkedIn asking you to endorse your connections at the top of the page once you start being more active, and when you do, the same people are likely to return the favor! **

Month 1 Tips: Formula for Success - Build your profile (to 100% completeness)

  1. Create a punchy headline that grabs attention. Aristotle once said “There’s no such thing as an original idea.” He’s right! Go search and review other people in your same profession/industry. Competitors may be also great place to start. Look at what other people say, get creative with your words and create a headline that pops!
  2. Put a face to your name (Make sure your photo appears professional)
    Most cell phone cameras are sufficient for taking a good photo. But have someone else do it for you, or if you want to go have a professional photo done, this is also an option. You’ll want to be sure that it is a headshot or upper torso, with good lighting and no distractions or odd things in the background.

    Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business:

    • Stay Connected with friends, associates, customers, and contacts worldwide
    • Sales Prospecting by gathering info about people who own businesses (prospects)
    • Use it to search and gather competitive intelligence
    • Nurture and Build Relationships: Join Groups and start conversations
    • Build your Business Network, Grow your brand and create online visibility & credibility
    • Let it work for you by getting endorsements, driving Google ranks and generating new leads!

    With LinkedIn you can build a community, nurture relationships, and grow your business!
    This is a great way to beat the old cold calling sales approach!

Action Items for Month 1:

  • Create and Account and Complete your profile (100%)!
  • Take a professional photo/headshot and upload it to your profile
  • Add your existing connections through e-mail (see how many you can get!)
  • Create a business page and be sure you’ve included keywords
  • Add a catchy headline that matches what you do and what you’re about
  • Try searching connections and add as many as you can (the more the merrier!)
  • Pick 3 prospects to research and see what you can find out about them
    (the business or the owners)

Coming Next Month: LinkedIn101 for Business Month 2

  • We will dive into Groups, Generating Leads, Prospects and Sales for your Business!
  • Also Some Great Tips on Getting People to Connect With You. Stay Tuned...

OfficePride LinkedIn 101 For Business Month 1

LinkedIn 101 for Social Business: Office Pride Month 2 – Nov-2013

A Look ahead into 2014 : 14 Digital and Social Media Marketing Trends

  • Content marketing is key to attract and retain customers
  • Big data just keeps getting bigger
  • Images outrank words for engagement
  • The social enterprise emerges as a business function
  • Social crowd sourcing expands business resources
  • Companies engage with consumers in real-time with location based advertising
  • #Hashtags become leading search tool.
  • Mobile marketing surpasses traditional advertising
  • Social media is essential for successful business strategy
  • Marketing transitions from monologue to dialogue and consumers will be rewarded.
  • Augmented reality shifts marketing from data to visualization
  • Digital exceeds traditional marketing budget
  • SEO becomes focused on consumer behavior
  • Building relationships with inbound marketing is critical to long term growth.

Recap of Month 1:

  1. Importance of your profile and editing your profile (with keywords)
  2. Creating your company page and its relevance

Month 2 LinkedIn for Social Business

LinkedIn Public Profile – change the Public URL

4 Steps to Success:

  • Go to Homepage > Login > Click on Profile > Edit Profile > Look for your Linkedin URL (under your photo) and Edit
  • On right side, make sure the Profile Content is Public or Visible to Everyone
  • Now we will Customize your Public Profile URL> Click on this above on the right.
    Choose a url that is relevant – i.e. Office Cleaning + Your Location (or use your keywords - this is how you want search engines to find you)
  • You can now View Profile URL to verify that it works, and begin using the new and improved URL.

Important: Google and other search engines can find and connect to when you make your profile url relevant. If they know who you are in the URL it’s that much easier to find you in search results!

Remember the formula for Business Success V + C = P (Visibility + Credibility = Profitability)

Tip: 15 Minutes a day will really help!!
Make sure you invest the time and you will see results

Connecting Twitter with LinkedIn for Automatic Feed

  • Enter these words into Google Search: Connect Twitter with LinkedIn
  • Go to the first link (it will be a LinkedIn page)
  • Make sure you are logged in to Twitter and it will ask you to log in to LinkedIn
  • Authorize the App.
  • Congratulations, that’s it! You are ready to rock your business on LinkedIn.

Company update/status update on LinkedIn (link Twitter)
Similar to Facebook Newsfeed – LinkedIn has the same thing and status updates are what people look for when they log in. It’s important to share updates here (business related) for additional visibility.

Important Keys for Posting Updates

  • When you post an update – you will be able to specify how you want to share updates with your network (with Public, Groups, or specified Individuals)
  • Share your updates across your Company Page as well – there are also analytics on this to keep you in the loop on how much visibility and interactions you are getting.
  • Remember there is a difference between sharing on your personal page and company page. Make sure you designate where you post the updates – Facebook
  • Include Backlinks to your website in your posts for maximum visibility and potential opportunity for new business (see video for examples)

How to use LinkedIn Groups as traffic generators – for your Company Page/Business

  • Groups are the most powerful forces on LinkedIn for your business
  • Utilize the Groups as a huge traffic generator for your website and social pages

Get Started with Groups:

  1. Join a few relevant groups to your industry
  2. Start a discussion or join in on other discussions in groups to get a conversation started
  3. Post the discussion alongside your website URL so people can find you and learn about your business

Behind the scenes here’s what you are doing:

  • Creating Relevant Group Discussions that people are interested in
  • You’re generating interest and passing direct business referrals back to you
  • You’re leaving a backlink to your website which will help boost your organic (SEO) search results!
  • Your post discussion will show up in all the group members Inboxes on a regular basis

This is FREE Email Marketing! Harness the power of groups and get the leads you deserve!

Important Notes:
Make sure you craft your message carefully and creatively. Designate it as a promotion if that is what it is, or LinkedIn will flag your post. Sometimes group leaders will also move your content or post to jobs or promotions if it’s crafted that way. A good post can go a long long way!

Action Items for Month 1:

  • Change your profile settings so it is Visible to Everyone
  • Customize your public URL
  • Connect Twitter and LinkedIn so that your Twitter feeds automatically post across LinkedIn
  • Practice posting updates on LinkedIn through your personal page and your company page
  • Remember to include backlinks in your posts and updates for maximum visibility
  • Join a few groups relevant to your industry (or associations you already belong to who have groups)
  • Participate in discussions for 15 mins daily and start a few of your own to see how far the conversation goes!

OfficePride LinkedIn Training Month 2