Session 1

Social Business: Google+ for Office Pride | 2-19-14

“Doing Business in the Digital Age through Social Media”

Month 1: Google+ Test Drive

  • Create a Google account, a personal profile and business page.
  • Learn how the Google search engine differs when you are logged in vs. logged out
  • The significance of your social signal with Google+ on your Business and Search results

Intro to the Social Network of Google = Google+

People are spending more time and making search more relevant through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+). It’s a growing driver of SEO Value, Social Signal and Search Rankings.

A Look at the Numbers: It’s here to stay and growing significantly. The time it took to reach 10 million users:

  • Facebook 853 Days
  • Twitter 780 Days
  • Google+ only 16 Days!

Google+ offers a new way to rank search. Even though they “came late to the party” behind other social networks, Google+ is quickly becoming the prime driver of Social across the web. They are now at the forefront of Social and it’s growing faster than any other network.

Step 1: Download and Install Google Chrome WebBrowser

You can still use Safari or IE or another browser but it’s good to familiarize yourself with Google Chrome Browser and try it on for size.

KEY: Google products work best with Google services. It will always be easier to use these together as Google has designed many products and services around this idea.

Step 2: Create a Google account

Why do I need an account? It’s quicker, more powerful and recommend for use with any Google products. It can get you ahead of the game and will prove to be even more significant in your Social Signal and SEO value with time.

Have a GMAIL account? Congrats! This means you are ahead of the curve already. Your gmail is connected to your Google+ and YouTube and you are ready to build your profile and business page. No Gmail account? Be sure to create an account to get a Google+ profile and business page (It’s Free).

Step 3: Search for ‘your business name’ logged out of your Google account and then log in to see how the search comes up different when you are logged in.

TRY IT: Search for “office cleaning your city” when you are logged out and then when you are logged in to see how it comes up different.

Two Ways to use Google when you are doing a search:

  1. Signed In to your Google account
  2. Signed Out of your Google account

Google Search and the Social Graph = The way Google targets your social properties (Google+, your gmail, youtube, etc.)

Important Note: The search results change when you update your status across social networks it now gives you more social signal and you will find that social is driving google rank. Utilize the fast growing Google+ account as part of your social media and watch as you rise in the ranks.

Step 4: Set up your Google+ Profile and Create your Business Page

  • Log into Gmail and click Google+ sign on top left
  • Go to “Create Profile” and update with image and your details. This needs to be created before you can generate your business page.
  • Go to “Pages” and “Create” a business page. Fill out necessary details to complete your business page.

*BONUS* Free Marketing Tool: Hootsuite social platform

If you haven’t discovered it already, Hootsuite is a great place to work from when posting your social content across multiple networks. They have a free account that allows you to access your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ accounts and schedule posts in advance! It can make social posting more efficient, and allow you to share other people’s content easy too!

Step 5: Create a presence with Google+ Circles.

Posting content and links in status updates will help you build your community but you also need to join some Google+ Circles to share and engage your content How it works: Google+ Circles is based on categories of connections and how you will build your community on Google+.

  • Categorize and organize connections based on relevance, i.e. friends, business contacts, family, etc.
  • Filter the Noise. With Google+ You can choose the channels you want to follow within circles, you can tune in, filter information and digest it easier.

TRY IT NOW: Post a status update to include a photo, content or a video link with a few circles that you have joined or created. You can select specific circles to share content with, so only the people in that circle can see it!

You can also view content within circles that others are sharing. Check out a few circles to see what kind of content they are posting.


  • Download and Install Google Chrome Browser
  • Create a Gmail Account
  • Complete your Google Profile
  • Complete your Business Profile
  • Try doing a search on Google Logged in and Logged out
  • Join a few circles and view the content they have posted
  • Post a status update on Google+ within a circle you have joined

Remember Justin’s 7 C’s to Social Media Success with Google+:

  • Community – Build your business visibility and community. Utilize strategic tagging, Invite friends and connections, reach out to key influencers and local businesses
  • Context – Be relevant, tie in local news or events, posts that are timely and trend worthy
  • Communication – In a new environment and setting. Give shout outs to existing or prospective customers – everyone loves recognition and it will draw them in
  • Content – This creates Link Juice – Images, relevant news, political issues, etc.
  • Consistency – Posting frequency and time zones. Stick to a schedule as consistency pays off!
  • Conversion – Follow above techniques, tools, strategies and you will gain Visibility, efforts will land you Credibility and the result will be Profitability!

Office Pride Google+ Introduction Month 1