Mobile App Development & Mobile Strategy Services

There are naerly 290 million mobile phone subscribers in the United States and it’s estimated that over 90% of users keep their phone within arms lenthth 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Over half of those cell phone suscribers  have a data plan, browse the web, send SMS or text messages, and read and/or send emails.

the Many businesses of all types and sizes have implemented mobile into their marketing initiatives and have seen impressive results. Mobile marketing via SMS Marketing, mobile website development, and mobile application development, has built a reputation for delivering measurable results. Results that include not only a near 100% read rate, but also average a 12% redemption rate. That is more than 4x’s the rate of direct mail, print advertising and email. Most importantly, mobile marketing is an advertising vehicle that works for nearly any type business because it is affordable.

Why Blackwood Industries?

Blackwood Industries is a mobile marketing intelligence company that provides businesses the technology and services to push advertising, marketing, promotions and loyalty programs directly to targeted audiences via mobile phones and other wireless devices.

At Blackwood, we understand how to leverage the power of mobile into your marketing plans so you can:

  • Create your brand’s mobile footprint to reach a larger audience base
  • Dialogue directly with consumers who want your content
  • Build and heighten brand awareness
  • Establish long term loyalty with your consumers
  • Increase sales and generate new revenue streams
  • Gain insights into your consumers for better decision-making
  • Deliver more tailored and timely content to your consumers

Based in San Diego, CA,  Blackwood Industries proprietary  platform under Izigg has been developed to support a variety of mobile marketing applications and services including:

  • SMS marketing or text message marketing
  • WAP mobile websites development
  • QR Code creation
  • Social media integration

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