Blackwood Industries realizes internet methodologies continue to evolve and those that stall for even a moment will be left behind. We constantly explore profound opportunities the internet provides so that our clients maximize their marketing efforts. Our strategies employ a variety of online branding and marketing techniques targeted to maintain customer loyalty and develop new business in an efficient manner preserving your precious marketing budget.

SEO Compliance

The key to any ranking results on Google is to play by the book. SEO has never had to be more white-hat then now. Google actually has human review of spamming or illegal techniques in all aspects of how you try and get rankings on Google. Google will reward you if honor the system.  Thus we use all Google guidelines in setting up all web 2.0 properties and profiles. This usually takes 30-45 days. 

User Content and Link Management

Google’s rise to the top came from a simple philosophy that holds true today as the core nucleus of the company. Deliver the quickest and most relevant results for what is searched.  The part that has evolved around this premise is social media and the conversation about you.  Not what you are saying about yourself but rather what everyone else is saying about your products or services. This work will last indefinitely but the first 60 days are critical to establish your company as the talk of the town as related to the internet conversation.

Video Marketing

Video has gone viral! We all would rather watch something than read something. It’s just more convenient and engaging. When Google bought YouTube for just under $2.3 billion 6 years ago everyone thought they overpaid. Now the company is worth in the vicinity of $7 billion. It’s apparent we should be paying attention to Google’s thought process. As part of our ongoing strategy we will develop an infomercial on behalf of your company to show Google were listening.

As internet marketing aspects have blossomed, Blackwood Industries has shadowed these opportunities with a host of services that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

We invite you to discover with any of the above links how we do what we do and even more importantly why we do what we do. Our objective is to leverage what the internet has to offer and brand your business as the authority in its category.

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