Here are Compelling Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Invest in SEO

Here are Compelling Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Invest in SEO

There are still many companies today that are yet to appreciate the importance of search engine optimization for their local business. The reason for this is either they are just new to digital marketing and still need to discover its many benefits or they simply have this misconception that embarking on a local seo campaign for their business is an expensive undertaking. Regardless of the reason, here’s the truth that every company running a local business should know: local seo campaign is the way to go to expand market reach and generate more on ROI.

Here are compelling reasons why local businesses should invest in SEO:

Search engines still dominate in terms of website traffic

Search engines
While social platform and other marketing media are growing, still search engines dominate when it comes to driving traffic to a website. In our personal assessment on local business websites we are handling, about 80% of website visitors come from search, particularly from Google. This is consistent with other digital marketing statistics such as those from KissMetrics. Now, what does this data say? If you want to reach more prospective customers for your business in a particular location, optimizing your visibility on search on your target keywords is necessary and local SEO is the way to go to realize this goal.

Needs little investment cost versus traditional marketing

 little investment cost versus traditional marketing
Forget that expensive TV and print ads to promote your local business; digital marketing is the best alternative in order to spend less for an effective brand awareness campaign. Come to think of it, a 30-second TV ad could cost you about a thousand dollar or two compared to digital marketing campaign. In fact, a local business can spend less than a thousand dollars monthly for a local SEO service.

Reaches more target audience

target audience
Local SEO is a location-tailored campaign. This is very important as your brand (your product or service) reaches the right target audience at the right time – just in time they need your service. For instance, a customer may use search engine to find a local company that provides emergency plumbing service or one that needs the service of a living trust attorney in a particular city. Your business should be searchable when these needs arise. You have to be there when they need you the most, and local SEO campaign is your strategy for that.

Highly-scalable campaign

analytics measurement
This is another advantage of search engine optimization and of digital marketing in general. Compared to traditional marketing, local SEO is highly-measureable. In other words, results can be quantified just easily. That means, you can make an assessment on your SEO campaign by analyzing the metrics recorded by your analytics tool. As you can determine which strategy works, which are not, you have more room for refinement of your process.

With more and more businesses are establishing their online presence to reach more prospects through digital marketing, you should not be left behind. Make your business highly-noticeable to customers and local SEO campaign allows you to start off right.

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