Google LSA Ads Management, San Diego

Google LSA Ads Management, San Diego

Before we delve into the importance of hiring a highly qualified agency for Google LSA ads, management, San Diego, let us take a step backward to discuss a little what Google LSA is all about and how it can benefit local businesses as their leverage for digital marketing.

Google Local Services ads, in a nutshell, is an advertising platform by – well – Google, specifically developed for companies offering local services (e.g. plumbing, cleaning, electrical wiring works). As opposed to PPC such as Google AdWords, LSA advertisers pay per lead they get instead of per click. This provides a great advantage for local services as it is more streamlined compared to PPC. With LSA, advertisers do not pay when somebody clicks on the ads but rather, only when they get qualified leads out of these ads. As Google puts it, “you get local customers who are looking for the services you offer,” and “you only pay when customers get in touch through your ads, so you can focus on real results for your business.”

Local Services Ads – the anatomy

Just like any other search ads, Local Services Ads appear on the search results, but they come with a map (indicating a business’s proximity to customers). They also come with reviews, customer profile, business hours, contact information, and services offered – all these elements make LSA more targeted. Plus, they show on top of the SERPs.

Why you need a highly qualified team for Google LSA ads management, San Diego?

Given the importance of LSA to your digital marketing campaign, it is necessary that you entrust the management of this ad platform to a highly qualified team – those who have the experience, the portfolio, and the positive reviews from other businesses (clients) that have used/are using their services.

Here are Google LSA management tasks a highly qualified digital agency can help you with:

  • Work with Google to set-up your account as a ‘service provider,’ detailing the services you offer, which will be shown to the right customers
  • Help set your budget, which will be based on the number of new customers you target for each week
  • Run and organize your Local Services ads to ensure they reach your local customers
  • Pause your ads should your business is fully-booked, or not available at a moment
  • Help analyze the analytics data and recommend strategies to modify and improve your existing advertising campaign

Advertising platforms are constantly improving and with these changes, it will work to your advantage if you have a digital marketing team that you can rely on to manage your advertising tasks such as Google LSA ads management, San Diego. So, hire the right team.

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