Digital Marketing Franchise Agency

Digital Marketing Franchise Agency

A franchise agency is faced with a unique challenge when it comes to online marketing. Aside from working to prevail against industry competitors on search results, an effective strategy has to be followed so that each of its franchisee’s reaches the target market without having to compete on SERP with other franchisees themselves -- a scenario common to business franchise websites with almost the same content (differ only on target locations). For instance, a customer that is looking for a commercial cleaning franchise based in California sees the franchise counterparts in Washington on search results -- that’s a missed opportunity to have prospects to convert into paying customers.

A company that offers local services can provide assistance to improve online visibility for any franchise business. Working with a Digital Marketing Franchise Agency can be one of the smartest decisions that any Franchisor can make.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Help reach target customers - Blackwood Industries implements ethical local SEO campaign (e.g. optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and other on-page elements) that helps local businesses ‘funnel’ prospects from different sources (mostly from search) to correct business information, and down to the conversion page (e.g. subscription, contact page). As a result, better ROI is achieved (i.e. more product or service subscriptions).
  • Leverage online marketing tools – A Digital Marketing Franchise Agency achieves this by using various online marketing tools that are helpful to further improve a business’s online presence, as well as to enhance products or services. Some of these tools include keyword research tools and analytics, which provide useful insights both about consumer behavior and business performance.   
  • Measure business performance - An SEO company will help a franchise agency understand how its business was performing in a specific period of time (e.g. monthly, quarterly). Such performance measurement is crucial to serve as a new baseline to which an important business decision is to be made – helping steer franchise business into the right direction.
  • It gives digital marketing recommendations - Lastly, an SEO company gives recommendations based on the evaluation of business performance as measured by website tracking tools. Such recommendations could include; more on-page SEO tweaks for a more optimized content, harnessing the power of social media to expand the reach in the target market or area, and lead nurturing to nudge prospective customers down the sales funnel.

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