Crucial Tasks That An SEO Agency In San Diego Can Do For Your Business

Based on the data presented on, around 93% of all website traffic comes in via search engines, with Google taking the lion’s share, which accounts for 78% of desktop and 89% of mobile search traffic.

So, how do these numbers make sense for businesses? It means that you should not discount search engine optimization if you want your business to improve to its optimum potential for profit.

While it is true that social media marketing has been gaining ground, when it comes to attracting prospects that may convert into paying customers, search engines remain the dominant one. The latter tops the list of traffic sources for business websites.

Although search engine optimization can involve complex and tedious processes, a reputable SEO agency in San Diego is a viable tool to realize your search engine optimization goal. An SEO agency can do the task for you. That means you can focus on your core business functions.

Here are some crucial tasks that an SEO agency in San Diego can do for you:

SEO benchmarking – the only way you can determine whether or not you have achieved your SEO goal is through benchmarking. Your SEO agency can do it by taking notes of your initial data, which you can compare with the latest ones after a specific duration. For instance, how many visitors your website attracts before the campaign? What percentage of website visits converts into paying customers?

Improving branding – your team’s SEO campaign can include tasks to improve branding or name recall. They can do that by making your online business identity more visible during searches. You can expect your logo and tagline – even your brand color – to be more visible in search.

Locally-tailored SEO campaign – if your business has a physical store where customers can go to buy your products, local SEO is the way to go. Your SEO team will list your business profile across different local directories and local business listing sites.

Analytics reporting – after a specified duration, your SEO team will look at the data in your analytics tool. They will analyze it to extract meaningful information out of it. Then, they will provide recommendations about how you can further improve your SEO campaign based on the analytics data.

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