Brand Definement & Deployment Services

Is your brand important?
Does your design affect your online results?
Should these elements work together?

All of these questions can be answered with a single resonating statement… “Yes

Your brand value & positioning directly affects your potential customers’ decision making process. Your website’s design & ease-of-navigation will directly relate to how user-friendly & “sticky” your site is, and will affect the amount of time a potential customer spends learning about your products or services.

So, whether you’re talking about your website or a marketing flyer, the design that your brand “lives in”, should compliment & support your business growth, as well as tell your story & speak to your target audience… Your Customers!!

Now that we’ve defined the collaborative power of brand & design, let’s discuss your marketing options…

Every business, big and small, needs to market their products & services. The problem that today’s businesses must learn to overcome, is choosing from a vast array of options.

Online orOffl­ine? Repeat or New Business? Blog or Video? SEO or PPC?Traditional orSocial?

The results you want will have a direct correlation on the sales materials needed to reach those goals.

But there’s hope! Within this ocean of seemingly endless marketing opportunities lies a lush & secluded island called “ROI” (Return on Investment). Properly developed marketing strategies & sales enablement materials, will give you the “results-data” your business needs to make future spending decisions, while presenting your brand and product/service messaging consistently & effectively.

Blackwood Industries has put together a team that knows the best tools available to prepare your company for the voyage , the most reliable vendors to ensure the strength of your vessel, and the most effective directions to reach YOUR lush & secluded island.

We provide our clients with:

  • On & Offline Marketing Materialssuch as Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers & Stationary
  • Macro Graphics to brand your Fleet, Store Front or Trade Show Booth
  • Professional On-Site Photographyfor Products, Staff & Office Events
  • Sales-Driven Content Developmentthat tells your story & inspires buying decisions
  • HD Video & Media Production Servicesthat will literally bring your message to life

Want More? Contact Blackwood today & find out how we can “Put Your Business on the Map!”